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Funeral of Hope.

So dull was the day
Where the handsome corpse lay
Sadness drifted in the heavy air
His sublime touch was no longer there.

The coffin was surrounded
With stargazers and roses fresh;
Somehow sent the message of
Life and love after death.

Umbrellas unfolded when the rain fell hard.
Not as hard as her tears
The figures in black stood quiet in grief
She cried and cried in disbelief.

His eyes were closed shut
Yet he looked only at her
Seemed sad that he could no longer be
At her side to love her.

She held him in her arms
And kissed his cold lips
Held his hand to her breast
And begged God to undo the pain he had left.

She looks at him; she was his love, now his widow.
What a heart breaking series of events
He had a fatal accident
Minutes after his son’s head was shown

She shows little Ash his mighty dad,
He lost his father; her only hope
She lays her son in his bassinet
Kisses him and walks away slow.

She’s standing on the ledge
Her only hope is gone, she might as well be dead
She takes that leap
And ends up close to him in his frozen muddy rose bed
for my baby......
Ekanosh Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007
Chillingly subtle, and well written.
rosefoetus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007
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September 15, 2007
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